AE: Amara – Greening Magnolia

My name is Amara.
I am from Harlan, KY.
I live in East Knoxville.
I have lived in Knoxville for 10 years.
I would describe East Knoxville as a very violent place there is a gang on every corner.
When I think of West Knoxville I think of all the fun things there is to do on that side like shopping, ice skating, water places, and restaurants.
There is more things you can do on the West side than it is on the East side.
The Tennessee Valley Fair makes East Knoxville special because every time it comes people from all sides come to go to it
Three best things about this part of town.
1. The schools
2. The people
3. The places to go
Three Challenges that face East Knoxville
1. gangs
2. violence
3. keeping the community clean

People being responsible and making the right choices would make east Knoxville a better place.

They need to stop messing up the roads. It could be more stores to shop at and activities to do.
When I go to west side I always go to the mall because its different from the one I usually go to.

Three places that should be built here:
1. water park
2. 21(clothing store)
3. air brush store

AE: Adriauna – Greening Experience

I believe that Knoxville is a special place  and East Knoxville.. living here will really change the way you think of the world around you. It will make you respect what you have and not take things for granted. The east side may be a great character builder but there are a lot of problems surrounding the east side, like the drugs, prostitution, and the gangs.
East Knoxville would be a better place if there were more opportunities for the kids to do things in their free time like a laser quest or fun center the neighborhood could really use some more plants and flowers or maybe even a water fountain. East Knoxville has the potential if only more people would try.

AE: Chandler – Greening Magnolia

When I think of West Knoxville I think of people that do not know what struggle is, I think of a pre-dominantly white society. Everything is on that side of town: electronic stores, clothing stores, and good restaurants.
East Knoxville is culture, history, and in some cases a family community.  East Knoxville is not as bad as what everybody make it. I mean yeah, there is crime, but the stuff that happens here goes on in other places too.  East Knoxville seems like a bad place because of what the news put on the TV, but I guarantee that the same thing probably happened in West Knoxville.

AE: William- Greening Magnolia

Hello, my name is William and I am a senior at Austin-East High School. I have lived in East Knoxville all seventeen years of my life. What I think of East Knoxville is that it’s a great place to live, but it’s not clean and in some areas it is not safe. There are some gang related violence in some areas and there is trash everywhere. Its time to clean my hood up.

AE: Daviseya – Greening Experience

My name is Daviseya, and lived in Knoxville my whole life.  My Media Concept class has been working on the Greening Magnolia
project about East Knoxville.  To me, the project was a good
experiment; is was fun and I found out how other people feel about East
Knoxville and what they would  like to see improve and change. So yeah, I
had fun doing this  with my class.